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Face-to-Face on County Property Taxes: Jim Roddey and Rich Fitzgerald

Originally Aired on February 4, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, examines the controversial issue of property taxes in Allegheny County, as he talks with Jim Roddey and Rich Fitzgerald, the former and current County Executives of Allegheny County, about their respective assessments of the county’s property tax situation, and why their solutions for the issue wouldn’t necessarily be what you’d expect. Plus, attorneys Mike Fox and Joe Lawrence of Strassburger, McKenna, Gutnick, and Gefsky talks with Ron about some of the legal issues that can affect a business, and how proper planning and counsel could mitigate these issues.

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When Socially Responsible Business Becomes a Legal Entity

Originally Aired on February 3, 2012

One of the foremost emerging trends in business is the B-Corporation, a designation of businesses that promote social responsibility as part of its business strategy.  In recent months, B-Corporations have transcended informal designations to become fully fledged legal entities in certain states, including California, thanks to the efforts of professionals like Susan Mac Cormac of Bay Area tech law firm Morrison Forrester.  Susan talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about her efforts to legalize and legitimize these flexible purpose corporations.  Plus, we talk with Seema Patel, the Founder and CEO of Interbots, a spinoff company from the heralded Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.  Seema discusses how Interbots uses interactive automatonic technology to connect adults to children via the Interbots family of cutting edge robots: Moxi, Quasi, Popchilla, and many more.

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Integrity - Why It Matters When Running A Business (or a Country)

Originally Aired on February 2, 2012

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics a successful entrepreneur must possess, and The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, examines the issue from both sides of the coin.  Fresh off the unexpected cancellation of President Herman Cain’s appearance on today’s show, Ron discusses how Mr. Cain’s handling of the situation, as well as that of other business leaders who reflect a similar behavioral trait, reflects a deficiency of integrity, and, in turn, a fast track to ill will for those whom they deal with on a regular basis.  On the other side of the coin, Ron reflects on the recent passing of longtime radio industry executive Bob Dickey, a man who had integrity in spades, as he talks with Bob’s daughter, news reporter Carol Finelli. 

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Optimizing the E-Commerce Experience: Sean Ammirati Brings Your Favorites To You

Originally Aired on January 30, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Sean Ammirati, one of the rising stars of Western Pennsylvania entrepreneurship, about his experiences in starting and growing mSpoke, a tech firm specializing in online e-commerce personalization.  Plus, Ron talks with John Metzger, Director of the Nuclear Engineering Program at the University of Pittsburgh, about the current state of the nuclear power industry, and whether or not the industry has sufficiently recovered from the catastrophic Fukushima disaster in March of 2011.  And we’ll debut “30 Minutes With Minto”, as Ralph Minto of the Minto Law Group joins Ron to discuss some of the critical tax planning strategies that business owners should consider for their company.

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Are You Hiring the Right Attitudes To Meet Your Company’s Goals?

Originally Aired on January 28, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with one of the foremost leadership consultants in the country, Mark Murphy, about his new book, “Hiring For Attitude”, an in-depth look at the things you should be doing to ensure that the attitudes of your prospective hires match the goals of your company.  Plus, we take a look at one of the hottest trends in the music business, crowdfunding, as Ron talks with Benji Rogers, founder and CEO of PledgeMusic, about what he’s doing to ensure that aspiring musicians have a realistic shot at making it big, and that they’re held accountable for their efforts.  Also, Ron talks with Ryan Neupaver of the Select Financial Group, who provides a reality check for investors who may or may not be on their way to keeping their New Years Resolutions when it comes to saving and investing.

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How Can the Oil and Gas Industry Reduce the Gas Migration That Has Been Plaguing Marcellus Shale?

Originally Aired on January 27, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Tony Iannacchione , and Julie Vandenbossche of the Swanson School at the University of Pittsburgh about the research they are doing on how to contain the stray gas and gas migration that have plagued the oil and gas industries as their primary concerns when it comes to Marcellus Shale activity.  Plus, Ron talks with legendary business talk radio host Bruce Williams, who shares his common-sense approach to the world of business, and shares a war story or two from his journey on the path to success.

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Get Real: Dennis Wilke Explains The Benefits of a Trade School Education

Originally Aired on January 26, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Dennis Wilke, the CEO of the Rosedale Technical Institute, about the educational value that RTI provides to its students as an alternative to the “traditional” collegiate experience, and offers a preview of their upcoming HVAC educational program.  Plus, Ron talks with Alan Seadler of Duquesne University about the intersection of energy and the environment, and the importance of education people to the idea that they are more closely related than people think.

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Can an Entrepreneur Make it in Washington D.C.?

Originally Aired on January 23, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Tom Smith, a longtime coal industry entrepreneur who has set his sights on a new endeavor: throwing his hat into the ring to challenge incumbent Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey for his seat come November. Plus, Ron talks with New York University Professor Matthew Richardson about his groundbreaking book, “Guaranteed to Fail”, an inside look at the role that the mortgage finance crisis played in the American financial crisis of 2008.

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Inside the Kinect: A Look at the Technology That Has Redefined the Gaming Industry

Originally Aired on January 20, 2012

Recently, the video game industry could be considered akin to an arms race, with Sony’s PlayStation, Nintendo’s Wii, and Microsoft’s Xbox technologies constantly evolving to one-up the others to capture the attention of gamers across the world.  Recently, Microsoft’s Xbox may have fired the defining shot in the “war” with the advent of the Kinect, a 3-D camera integration technology that enables users to effectively BE the controller, and control the outcome of the game through physical motion.  One benefactor of the success of the Kinect has been PrimeSense, the Israeli tech company that is behind the on-range camera technology that powers the Kinect.  Inon Beracha, the CEO of PrimeSense, joins “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris to discuss the PrineSense story, the technology behind the Kinect, and what’s on the horizon for gamers and non-gamers alike. Plus, Howard Dahl of Amity Technologies details the challenges he faced as one of the first American entrepreneurs to do business in post-Communist Russia, and Dale Moser, CEO of MegaBus, provides a behind-the-scenes look inside his high quality, low-cost transportation model.

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A Look Back Through the Archives: The Best of American Entrepreneur Radio

Originally Aired on January 14, 2012

American Entrepreneur Radio presents the Best of American Entrepreneur Radio, as we revisit some of Ron’s most popular interviews with the most prolific entrepreneurs in the world of business. Among those Ron will talk with will be Boston Market founder George Nadaff, retired GM Chairman Bob Lutz, hair industry entrepreneur-turned-billionaire philanthropist John Paul Dejoria, and longtime Texas entrepreneur Sam Wyly.


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Has the American Government Failed in the Pursuit of the American Dream?

Originally Aired on January 12, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Valencia College Professor Jack Chambless, who offers his take on the pursuit of liberty, and whether or not the American government has the best interest of the American people at heart as it acts upon its legislative agenda. Plus, TAE’s resident presidential pundit, Chris Bowyer of Bowyer Media, discusses the fallout from the New Hampshire Republican Primary, the likelihood that Mitt Romney will be THE guy for the GOP, and whether that’s good or bad news for President Obama come November.

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Paying Your Salespeople: Are Commissions REALLY the Way to Go?

Originally Aired on January 9, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, a longtime proponent of incentivizing your sales people via a commission-based structure, discusses the issue with Dan Ostlund of Fog Creek Software, who believes that commissions should be a thing of the past.  Plus, Ron talks with Dr. Johnny Huard of the McGowan Institute For Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh about his remarkable research into the gene therapy that may be the first step towards discovering a “fountain of youth.”

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Investment Trends To Watch For in 2012

Originally Aired on January 6, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Jim Holtzman of Legend Financial Advisors about the market trends that investors should be mindful of in 2012.

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What Impact Will the 2012 Presidential Economy Have on the American Economy?

Originally Aired on January 5, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with his “talk buddy”, economist Jerry Bowyer, about how the 2012 Presidential Election will shape the economic policy going forward.  Plus, they discuss some of the issues that plague our society, including the lack of initiative in American society and the addictive nature of medical patients in the U.S.

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Kicking off 2012 With One Last Look Back at 2011: The Best of American Entrepreneur Radio

Originally Aired on January 2, 2012

Before getting back to business in 2012, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris takes one final look back at his best conversations from the previous year.  Join Ron as he talks with Don Marinelli, Carnegie Mellon University’s resident authority when it comes to the cross-section between entertainment, technology, and education.  Plus, Ron profiles legendary drum manufacturer Remo Belli, as well as longtime Pitney Bowes CEO Mike Critelli.