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Crunching the Numbers: How High-Tech Wellness Programs Can Directly Impact the Health of Your Staff

Originally Aired on March 8, 2012

Large and small local companies now have the opportunity to use a software system that directs their employee wellness programs by collecting and compiling advanced metabolic and lifestyle measurements to create personalized solutions for their employee’s health.  Paula Franetti founder of MetaFit Solutions, along with Stephanie Sheaffer of Sherpa Software join “The American Entrepreneur”, Ron Morris, to discuss the impact this software system is having with Sherpa’s wellness program and how Stephanie and other Sherpa employees have responded to the assessment findings.  Plus, Frank Gamrat of the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy talks with Ron about the current negotiations in place between the Allegheny County Airport Authority and their eyebrow-raising efforts to take over San Juan International Airport in Puerto Rico.

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Why Do We Buy? Consumer Behavior Guru Paco Underhill On the Science of Shopping

Originally Aired on March 5, 2012

Think about the last time you went into a store. Did you wonder about the layout? Why were the highest priced items on the right? Why were the clearance items buried all the way in the back? Paco Underhill of Envirosell knows the answer to these and other retail mysteries, and as one of the most sought after consumer behavior consultants in the country, his answers are based on decades of research. He talks to The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about why we buy, what we buy, and the steps retailers take to ensure the optimal customer experience. Plus, Ron talks with Computerworld’s Preston Gralla about whether or not Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 release is too little too late in the ongoing war with Apple, and why he believes the new operating system will signify the end of the desktop computer as we know it. And social media’s premier gearhead, Eric the Car Guy, stops by to discuss his story, and the role that Rosedale Technical Institute played in shaping his love and knowledge of the automobile. Join the conversation! Call us at 855-85-CALL TAE and talk to the experts! Missed the show? Replay episodes at!

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Need Help Growing Your Startup? Look No Further Than Sundays on TAE

Originally Aired on March 4, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, puts over 40 years of business experience to work as he helps callers with the questions that are keeping business owners up at night.  Among the callers he helps on today’s show are those who are tired of working for someone else, and who want to start their own enterprise, but aren’t sure which of their ideas gives them the best shot at success.  Plus, Ron talks with Mike Madden of USA Insulation about some of the leading trends in commercial and residential construction, and the steps individuals and companies can take to reduce their monthly energy costs.

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When It Comes to Technology, How Much is TOO Much? Regis McKenna Has the Answer

Originally Aired on March 3, 2012

Think about the technology that you encounter in your life every day. Your smartphone. Your tablet. Your laptop. The computer that runs your automobile. Your home entertainment system. Even the voice prompt that greets you when you dial just about any number these days. Plenty of options for you, but does that mean you have to use them? If you read The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris’s Insider’s Report column last week, you know HIS answer, and today, he talks with Silicon Valley marketing guru Regis McKenna, who give HIS thoughts on the role that technology plays in our lives (and the role it SHOULD play.)

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“Gasland” Reexamined: Filmmaker Ann McElhinney Sets the Record Straight on the Pursuit of Shale Gas

Originally Aired on March 2, 2012


As part of our ongoing evaluation of the economic impact of the Marcellus Shale development in the State of Pennsylvania, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, takes a look at what the industry is doing to overcome these government-driven obstacles.  Plus, Ron talks with filmmaker Ann McElhinney, whose latest documentary, “Frack Nation”, is being hailed as the “answer” film to Josh Fox’s “Gasland”, and provides a look into the oil and gas industry that has never been seen before.  Plus, we examine the issue of sick leave in the workplace, as Ron talks with Helen Darling, President and CEO of the National Employer Group on Health about some of the trends that have emerged around the country, and the decisions that small business owners face when it comes to weighing the costs and productivity dropoff when issuing sick days to employees.  And we answer the question: Is Pittsburgh the new Hollywood?  Ron talks with Chris Breakwell, the principal of 31st Street Studios, about his efforts to establish Pittsburgh as a filmmakers hub…and considering the studio has already hosted the Tom Cruise movie “One Shot”, as well as “The Dark Knight Rises”, the latest installment in the “Batman” series, in the past year, he’s off to a good start.

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A Look Inside the Business of Business Media: MSNBC’s “Your Business” Host JJ. Ramberg

Originally Aired on March 1, 2012

Ron talks with J.J. Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s “Your Business”, as they discuss the startup trends that J.J. is noticing with the aspiring entrepreneurs who she has featured on her program, and the message that sends about the economy as a whole.  And Ron’s favorite “Talk Buddy”, Jerry Bowyer, discusses the nature of systemic risk in our society, why he believes that our society is ultimately responsible for the risks that we face, and how adapting our behavior is the first step towards mitigating these risks. Plus, we examine the impact that location has on corporate tax burdens, and why certain states are more business-friendly than others as we talk with Scott Hodge, President of the Tax Foundation, about his recent report ranking all 50 states, and why Pennsylvania checks in at #50.

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Revisiting TAE’s Interview with Presidential Hopeful Rick Santorum

Originally Aired on February 27, 2012

With the eyes of America’s political community focused squarely on the upcoming “Super Tuesday” grouping of critical primary elections, American Entrepreneur Radio takes a look back at Ron’s 2009 interview with one of the leading Republican Presidential candidates, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Rick talks with Ron about his take on health care, business, leadership, and the aspirations that he held at the time for our nation’s primary office. Plus, Ron discusses explores the critical issues with American policy as he talks with retired Utah Senator Bob Bennett, Jack Chambless of Valencia College, and Dinesh D’Souza, the author of “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”.

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Have a Business Problem? The American Entrepreneur Has the Solution!

Originally Aired on February 19, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, hosts open discussion on the Sunday edition of American Entrepreneur Radio, where every business question is fair game.  Whether it’s finding the best source of funding for your startup, differentiating yourself within a crowded market sector, advertising yourself at a cost that won’t break your budget, or anything it between, put 40-plus years of seasoned entrepreneurial experience to the test.  Plus, Ron checks in with Jacques Werth, the master of high-probability selling, who breaks down the things you must know about your prospects to ensure that you’ll have the best possible chance when it comes time to close.

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Is America Losing the Battle For Balanced Trade?

Originally Aired on February 18, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with legendary University of Pittsburgh economist Raymond Richman about a variety of topics, including whether or not the United States is losing its competitive advantages on the global economic stage, and, if so, what can be done to regain that advantage.

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The American Entrepreneur Goes One-on-One With Herman Cain

Originally Aired on February 17, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, welcomes Herman Cain, former Presidential Candidate and longtime CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, onto the show to discuss his story, his campaign for the Presidency, his vision for business in America, and where he thinks the current administration is falling short when it comes to serving the American people.

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Optimizing the E-commerce Experience: Sean Ammirati

Originally Aired on February 16, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Sean Ammirati, one of the rising stars of Western Pennsylvania entrepreneurship, about his experiences in starting and growing mSpoke, a tech firm specializing in online e-commerce personalization.  Plus, Ron talks with one of the foremost leadership consultants in the country, Mark Murphy, about his new book, “Hiring For Attitude”, an in-depth look at the things you should be doing to ensure that the attitudes of your prospective hires match the goals of your company. And we examine the controversial issue of property taxes in Allegheny County, as he talks with Jim Roddey and Rich Fitzgerald, the former and current County Executives of Allegheny County, about their respective assessments of the county’s property tax situation, and why their solutions for the issue wouldn’t necessarily be what you’d expect.

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The Founder of OfficeMax Reveals How He Did It, and How You Can, Too

Originally Aired on February 11, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, goes one-on-one with OfficeMax founder and longtime CEO Michael Feuer, who discusses his story, having started the first OfficeMax location with $20,000 in 1988, and growing the chain into a billion-dollar enterprise and the third-largest office supply company in America. Michael also shares the lessons he learned along the way, and how companies of any size and industry can gain an edge over their competition, thanks to “benevolent dictatorships” at the top.  And Jack Abriola of Select Financial Advisors joins Ron to discuss the relative merits of stocks and bonds when it comes to investment opportunities for the short and longer terms.

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Move Over Tin Man, Here Comes Penbo: How Bossa Nova is Changing Robotics at Play

Originally Aired on February 10, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, welcomes a visitor, who just so happens to be one of his radio idols, as legendary radio talk show host Bruce Williams joins Ron in studio to discuss war stories from his remarkable career.  Plus, Ron talks with Sarjoun Skaff,  founder of iLoveRobots (formerly Bossa Nova Robotics), a Carnegie Mellon University-based company that has developed intellectually-advanced robots (including their signature bot, “Penbo”) that adapt to the intellectual and emotional maturation of their child owners.  Plus, Bob Boyle of JA Sauer Company joins Ron to discuss the latest trends in HVAC, and what JA Sauer is doing to ensure that employees stay involved and engaged in the mission of the company.  And we’ll check in on the latest developments surrounding the Marcellus Shale, as Ron talks with John Hanger, the former Secretary of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection. 

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Can the Gadgets That Run Our Lives Drive Our Economy?

Originally Aired on February 9, 2012

Fresh off yet another successful annual unveiling of the Next Big Things in tech gadgetry with last month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Gary Shapiro, President of the Consumer Electronics Association, talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about the role that innovation and technology will play in the American economy in 2012.  Plus, Rich Lunak of InnovationWorks brings an update on the strides that technology and innovation are making in Western Pennsylvania, and Brian Gleeson, the Director for the Center of Energy at the University of Pittsburgh, joins Ron to present a major announcement on behalf of the University, and to discuss what this announcement will mean to the energy industry.

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The American Entrepreneur Goes One-on-One With Herman Cain

Originally Aired on February 6, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, welcomes Herman Cain, former Presidential Candidate and longtime CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, onto the show to discuss his story, his campaign for the Presidency, his vision for business in America, and where he thinks the current administration is falling short when it comes to serving the American people. Diane Pearson of Legend Financial Advisors joins The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, to discuss the most common fallacies when it comes to investment opportunities, and the truth behind these misconceptions.  And in the wake of the unveiling of this year’s run of groundbreaking, big-budget Super Bowl ads, media analyst Laura Martin of Needham and Company Equity Research joins Ron to discuss the true value of advertising during the biggest sporting event of the year, and how the companies that shell out the dollars gauge their ROI.