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The American Entrepreneur featuring Mike Turzai, Terry Engelder, Seamus McGraw, Scott Gerber

Originally Aired on March 30, 2012

To kick off American Entrepreneur Radio’s newest series covering the Marcellus Shale development, and its vast economic potential for the State of Pennsylvania, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, goes back to the beginning, as he talks with Terry Engelder of Penn State University about just why Marcellus is so important to the State. And Ron talks with freelance writer Seamus McGraw about the case of Washington County, and how the capitalization of Marcellus resources within its domain has led to an economic boon for the region. Plus, Ron talks with Scott Gerber of the Young Entrepreneur Council about the diminishing percentage of employed youth, the increasing rate of college tuition, and the structure that needs to be in place to balance these two diverging numbers for the betterment of society. And Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Turzai checks in to discuss the latest steps the Pennsylvania State Legislature is taking to ensure a more business-friendly Keystone State.

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The American Entrepreneur featuring John Schombert, John Droz Jr., Hong Sheng

Originally Aired on March 29, 2012

The next time you visit a particular website for the first time, think about HOW you are viewing it once you log on. Do your eyes automatically go to the top of the page? Are you more inclined to check out the left column before the right, or vice versa? Hong Sheng, a business and information technology professor at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, says that, on average, it takes just under three seconds for that first impression to sink into your brain, and she talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about her findings. Plus, we kick off our highly anticipated “Energy: Powering the Future” series by talking with physicist John Droz Jr. about how man’s use of energy has evolved over time, where this evolution is heading, and why the science of energy is being overlooked when discussing the energy industry. And John Schombert, the Executive Director of 3 Rivers Wet Weather, joins Ron to discuss the impact that a faulty sewer system can have on a region’s commercial and residential properties, and the business opportunities that can emerge as a result.

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Taking Your Company to the Cloud? Ralph Minto Says Be Careful

Originally Aired on March 26, 2012

In recent years, “cloud computing”, or the process of running your computer operations via an online, offsite, “virtual” hub, has become quite popular among both large and small companies. But, as Ralph Minto of the Minto Law Group points out, there are many reasons why you need to take care in doing this, and he discusses these with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris. Plus, Jake Haulk of the Allegheny Institute joins Ron to discuss how political and economic policies can affect business decisions in Western Pennsylvania. And Ron talks with Bob Stearns, a successful longtime business consultant whose life was turned around with the untimely death of his son in 2008. Bob shares the business, and life, lessons he learned from the family tragedy, including the importance of maximizing your perpetual potential at everything you do in your life.

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Listeners Bring Their Business Questions To the Table and Put Ron to the Test

Originally Aired on March 25, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, discusses a variety of business topics and answers listener questions on an open edition of TAE.  Among the topics he discusses are the types of lesser-known insurances that a company should consider purchasing as well as the best way to build a prospect base via word or mouth publicity.

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The American Entrepreneur featuring Regis McKenna, Raja, Jack Abriola

Originally Aired on March 24, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in Western Pennsylvania, Raja, about his venture into the world of politics, including the lessons he learned from last year’s unsuccessful campaign to become the Allegheny County Executive, and how he has put those lessons to work in his current campaign for a seat in Pennsylvania’s State Senate. Plus, Jack Abriola from the Select Financial Group joins Ron to discuss some last minute tax-planning tips for those who are saving up for retirement.

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The Science of Shopping: Why We Buy, What We Buy, and How Retail Reacts To Consumer Behavior

Originally Aired on March 23, 2012

Think about the last time you went into a store.  Did you wonder about the layout?  Why were the highest priced items on the right?  Why were the clearance items buried all the way in the back?  Paco Underhill of Envirosell knows the answer to these and other retail mysteries, and as one of the most sought after consumer behavior consultants in the country, his answers are based on decades of research.  He talks to The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about why we buy, what we buy, and the steps retailers take to ensure the optimal customer experience.  Plus, Ron examines the issue of regenerative medicine, its current medical applications, and the feasibility of its technology into non-medical applications, as he talks with Dr. Alan Russell, the Founder of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.  And we continue our look at the Marcellus Shale, as guest host Mark Laskow joins us live for a discussion on the latest news surrounding this vast natural resource, and its economic and environmental impact on the State of Pennsylvania. 

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The American Entrepreneur featuring David Weaver, Diane Pearson

Originally Aired on March 22, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Diane Pearson of Legend Financial Advisors about some of the economic trends that have shaped the marketplace during the first quarter of 2012, and how investors should react to these developments. Plus, she has some last minute tax tips geared towards investors to prevent them from getting hammered by avoidable tax burden come April 15, as well as an explanation of the differences between Roth and “traditional” IRA investment options. And if you’re an angel investor considering your tax situation, David Weaver of the Great Lakes Angels joins Ron to discuss why tax credits are a good idea for angel investors.

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The American Entrepreneur featuring Sheryl Winston Smith, Joe Saltmar

Originally Aired on March 19, 2012


Can a Basic Need In Your Life Turn Into a Successful Business Opportunity?
Sheryl Winston Smith,, Joe Saltmar
The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, examines the growing trend of “user entrepreneurship”, business that emerges when the founder creates a product or service that just fills a need in his or her life, and goes on to capitalize on that product.  He talks with Sheryl Winston Smith of Temple University about her groundbreaking research into the makeup of the user entrepreneur. And Joe Saltmar of Climatech stops by to discuss the measures his company is taking to ensure that their customers are fully prepared for the change in season, and how the HVAC industry is responding to changes in the housing market.

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What Should You Be Doing To Get the Most Out of Your Company's IT System?

Originally Aired on March 18, 2012

For companies of any size, the IT System can serve as the centralized base of operations for every component of the company. Chris Parry of EnKompas Technology Solutions joins The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, to discuss what business owners should know about their IT system, and how to get the most out of it to keep the company running as smoothly as possible. Plus, Ron takes your questions about every element of your business that is giving you problems, from sales and marketing to distribution to hiring to idea generation, and everything in between.

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The American Entrepreneur featuring Eric Martinez

Originally Aired on March 17, 2012

When it comes time to shop for a computer, and you’re deciding between a Mac and a PC, what are you really buying?  According to Eric Martinez, a computer repair specialist and owner of Tru Computers Inc., the answer lies when you open up the unit and examine the parts that comprise the inner workings of your machine, and that answer may very well surprise you.  He discusses the differences that he has found between Mac and PC, as well as relate his own uphill battle as he goes up against Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” and other big-box repair services. 

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The American Entrepreneur featuring Seth & Zac Longaker, Rob Tannenbaum, and Terry Engelder

Originally Aired on March 16, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Rob Tannenbaum, co-author of the groundbreaking best-seller, “I Want My MTV”, a tell-all compendium of the stories behind the early days of the television channel that changed the way music was consumed, and why the artists who were big on the radio had to adapt or die. Plus, Ron talks with Seth and Zac Longaker, the brother duo behind Portland-based Oddball Shoes, about how their extra-large feet gave them the idea to build a shoe store catered to those with similar sized footwear issues, and how the rave reviews presented by the Portland Trail Blazers and their visiting NBA opponents may have propelled their company to the next level.  And one of the nation’s leading experts on all things Marcellus Shale, Terry Engelder of Penn State University, talks with Ron about the current state of shale production in the State of Pennsylvania, and how long the resource will serve as an energy provider for the region.

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The American Entrepreneur featuring Mercer Bullard, Chris Bowyer, Kevin Shivers

Originally Aired on March 15, 2012

Thanks to Kickstarter, Profounder, Ideagogo, and a host of other like-purposed sites, the idea of “crowdfunding”, or the social media aggregation of individuals who may capitalize a project in startup mode, is gaining steam in the marketplace, and has even reached the point where Congress has noticed, as there is legislation in place to ease regulations on crowd funding.  But for the groundswell of support for crowdfunding, there are business leaders like University of Mississippi Law Professor Mercer Bullard, who say “not so fast”, and as he tells The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, investors at every level need to be more careful than ever when determining where and how to spend their money.  Plus, Ron talks with Kevin Shivers, the Pennsylvania State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), who discusses the current state of business in the State of Pennsylvania, and the recent NFIB findings that indicate that entrepreneurs are more optimistic than they have been in years about the prospects for their business.  And “talk buddy” Chris Boywer checks in to offer his thoughts on politics and the economy, and whether or not the recent primary victories for Rick Santorum provide any reason for hope going forward.

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Can Stem Cell Research Technology Translate To Non-Medical Purposes?

Originally Aired on March 12, 2012

“The American Entrepreneur”, Ron Morris, examines the issue of regenerative medicine, its current medical applications, and the feasibility of its technology into non-medical applications, as he talks with Dr. Alan Russell, the Founder of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. Plus, using the City of Pittsburgh as an example, Ron looks at the metrics that must be considered when assessing the socioeconomic health of a city as he talks with Doug Heuck, Publisher of Pittsburgh Quarterly Magazine, who discusses “Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow”, the groundbreaking report featured in the magazine’s current issue. Join the conversation! Call us at 855-852-2558 and talk to the experts! Missed the show? Replay episodes at!

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Tips From the Top: Ron Morris and Henry Mintzberg Help You Get Your Business on the Right Track

Originally Aired on March 11, 2012

On the Sunday edition of American Entrepreneur Radio, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, puts over 40 years of business advice to work in order to help callers with their business problems. This is your chance to put Ron to the test to see if he can provide the insights to give your business the edge. And Ron’s not coming alone, as we welcome Henry Mintzberg of McGill University, widely regarded as one of the premier management thought leaders in North America, who will discuss the most effective leadership strategies for businesses of any size.

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Investors, Take Note: Lou Stanasolovich Reveals Your Best Opportunities for High Impact ROI

Originally Aired on March 10, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with one of the highest rated investment authorities in the country, Lou Stanasolovich of Legend Financial Advisors, about Lou’s assessment of how the market is performing in the first quarter of 2012, and what these numbers foretell for the second quarter. Plus, Ron talks with Jon Delano of KDKA TV about the results of the Super Tuesday series of Presidential Primary elections, and what the results mean for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and President Obama Join the conversation! Call us at 855-85-CALL TAE and talk to the experts! Missed the show? Replay episodes at!