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Getting to the Gas: The Business of Fracking

Originally Aired on April 20, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, examines the process and the economic impact of hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a "fracking") when it comes to extracting shale gas from the earth, as part of "Marcellus: the Economic Miracle", American Entrepreneur Radio's extended look at the Marcellus Shale, and its impact on our businesses, our economy, our environment, and our lives.  Ron talks with Geoffrey Styles of GSW Strategy Group LLC, along with Mark Laskow, as these experts discuss the technology behind fracking, the expected output, and the debate behind this essential process.  Plus, Ron talks wtih John Walsh, the owner of Bethel Bakery in suburban Pittsburgh, about the serendipitous gift he received recently when an ill-timed remark by Presidential candidate Mitt Romney regarding John's cookies lead to a near doubling of the bakery's business almost overnight.  And Raja, one of the most successful entrepreneurs-turned political hopefuls in Western Pennsylvania, checks in to discuss his current campaign for Pennsylvania's State Senate, and his response to the politcal attacks that come from his opponent, Mark Mustio.

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With Natural Gas On the Rise, How Much Energy Does Coal Have Left?

Originally Aired on April 19, 2012

As part of "Energy: Powering the Future", American Entrepreneur Radio's ongoing look at the economic factors that drive the energy industry, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris talks with Phil Burgess, the Founding Executive Director of the American Coal Council, about the role that coal plays in the current energy economy, and why the rumors of coal's demise may be greatly exaggerated.  Plus, Ron examines the current Supreme Court deliberation on health care, as he talks with Beth Milito, the Senior Executive Counsel of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), about what she's seeing as she's perched atop the front lines of the debate in Washington. And Ron previews the upcoming Cocktails and Cuisine benefit event for Crisis Center North, an organization devoted to supporting victims of domestic violence, as he talks with Lisa Wagner, the Director of Crisis Center North, about the group's mission. 

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Meet the Voices of American Entrepreneur Radio

Originally Aired on April 16, 2012

The International Capitalist. The Business of Health. The Mid-Week Mentor. All are staples of the American Entrepreneur Radio weekly lineup. But who are the voices behind these shows? The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, checks in with The International Capitalist, David Iwinski, “Business of Health” host Will Clower of Mediterranean Wellness, and “Your Mid-Week Mentor”, John Rodgers of Dale Carnegie Systems, about what they’re show is about, and why you should be listening. Also, Ron is joined by professor Richard Vedder, of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, to talk about the role college plays in a person life.

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What is the Biggest Problem Facing Your Business?

Originally Aired on April 15, 2012

For the Sunday edition of American Entrepreneur Radio, host Ron Morris puts over 40 years of business experience to work, as he answers your questions about anything and everything affecting your business.  He talks with callers about everything from how to grow a non-profit organization to how to find the right people for your company, and many other topics in between, including how to ensure that you're providing the most value for your customers. 

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The Return of Retail: One Entrepreneurâ??s Quest To Help Rebuild His Community

Originally Aired on April 14, 2012

Bob Marshall often looked back on his days growing up in Carnegie, PA, recalling a thriving main street, full of retail businesses and eateries.  Since then, he has seen the community take a turn for the worse, thanks to “big box” stores forcing the retail shops to close up shop, and thanks to the aftereffects of flooding in 2004.  But Bob also sees hope and promise in the town, and as the owner of Bob’s Diner, faced a very easy decision when it came to adding a third location last summer. Bob talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about his story, his role in the effort to build back Carnegie, and Rick Santorum’s recent visit to the Carnegie location as part of the campaign trail.  Plus, Varol Ablak, the CEO of Vocelli Pizza, checks in with Ron to discuss his thriving operation, and his constant quest to differentiate Vocelli from the very crowded competition in the pizza industry. Also, we preview the upcoming Entrepreneur's Growth Conference, presented by the Small Business Development Center at Duquesne University, as Ron talks with Jeremy Garvey of Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC about his presentation at the conference, an overview of the emerging trend of crowdfunding, and how you should know whether or not it's the way you should raise capital for your company.  And Ryan Neupaver of the Select Financial Group joins Ron to discuss some of the issues investors are finding when investing in unstable international markets.

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The American Entrepreneur featuring Arthur Berman, John Felmy

Originally Aired on April 13, 2012

As part “Marcellus: the Economic Miracle”, American Entrepreneur Radio’s ongoing coverage of the economic impact of the Marcellus Shale, host Ron Morris examines the sustainability of Marcellus from a supply standpoint.

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Can Energy Build Communities?

Originally Aired on April 12, 2012

As part of Energy: Powering the Future, American Entrepreneur Radio’s ongoing look at the economic impact of the energy industry in the United States, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, examines the idea that communities built around the energy industry can thrive.  He talks with John Hanger, the former head of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, about the economic impact that the energy industry has provided to the State’s communities, both from a residential and commercial standpoint.  Plus, Ron welcomes his “talk buddy”, Jerry Bowyer, onto the show to discuss his thoughts on the economy, and why Rick Santorum’s biggest enemy during his Presidential campaign wasn’t Mitt Romney, but it was the truth that undermined many of the statements made along the campaign trail. 

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Be Your Own Brand: The Benefits of Solopreneurship

Originally Aired on April 9, 2012

For veteran business executives, one of the looming questions they face during their careers is what happens next when they leave their company.  For many, retirement is the answer, but for those who don’t want to hang it up quite yet, Buddy Hobart of Ex3 Matters has the answer, and the host of “Consultant’s Corner” talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about the growing trend of solopreneurship, where veteran executives put their experience to good use to become their own brand, and to use their experience to help startups in need of a boost to reach the next level.  Plus, Dr. Bill Harbert, the Chairman of the Geology Department at the University of Pittsburgh, talks with Ron about the advancements made in the field of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and how experts are using EOR to increase the energy production in the United States.

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Who is The American Entrepreneur?: Ron Morris Looks Back at Forty Years of Startup Enterprise

Originally Aired on April 8, 2012

On a special Easter Sunday edition of American Entrepreneur Radio, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, takes a special look back at the defining moments that shaped his forty-plus years as an entrepreneur.  He shares the highs and lows that he has experienced along the way, the lessons he learned from those experiences, and how the decisions he made in his personal life, for better or worse, augmented the success of his entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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When Gustavo Envela Jr’s family escaped the political tumult of Equatorial Guinea for Salem, Oregon

Originally Aired on April 7, 2012

When Gustavo Envela Jr’s family escaped the political tumult of Equatorial Guinea for Salem, Oregon in 1970, it was thought that they would so so without looking back, especially as Gus became a standout track star in high school, at Stanford University, and in the Olympics, as the first ever competitor from his native land in any sport.  But once he graduated from Stanford, he sought a higher purpose, returning home to run for president in order to establish the freedoms the Envela’s had enjoyed in America, and to unseat the dictatorship that had been in place.  Now living in Western Pennsylvania, Gustavo joins The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, in studio to discuss his incredible story, his quest to restore democracy throughout the globe, and the sense of purpose that has guided him along the way. 

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Drilling Into Marcellus: Whats the Difference Between Wet Gas and Dry Gas?

Originally Aired on April 6, 2012

As drillers pore through the State of Pennsylvania in order to tap into the vast resources present in the Marcellus Shale, the resulting natural gas output is bifurcated into “wet gas” and “dry gas”.  But what, exactly, is the difference?  What are the uses for each, and how do the markets for each shape up?  As part of our latest series devoted to the Marcellus Shale, “Marcellus: the Economic Miracle”, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, explores that very question as he talks with Rick Smead of Navigant Energy, along with Mike Knapp of Knapp Acquisitions and Production, about the makeup of wet gas and dry gas, and which one will be the more economically viable option as we continue to drill into Marcellus.  Plus, what, exactly, constitutes a SMALL business? We’ll look at the current efforts of the Small Business Administration to “resize” over 130 industries of businesses, in efforts to keep up with the economic times, as Ron talks with David Dickson, the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Small Business Administration, about why thousands of companies are “shrinking”, without even knowing it.

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Energy in America: How Did We Get Here?

Originally Aired on April 5, 2012

As part of American Entrepreneur Radio’s groundbreaking “Energy: Powering the Future” series profiling the past, present and future of energy in the United States, the American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, examines the past this week, as he talks with Jesse Ausubel, a professor and senior research associate at Rockefeller University in New York City.  They discuss how energy sources have evolved over time, how that evolution has shaped the current state of the energy industry, and what role Pittsburgh has played in the history of energy in America. Plus, Bob Boyle, General Manager of JA Sauer Heating and Air Conditioning,stops by to discuss the steps that business owners can do right now to curb the rising costs of heating and cooling a commercial office building, and what maintenance steps should be taken to ensure a smooth operating system.  And “The Young American Entrepreneur”, Ben Wasson, returns, joining Ron to talk with another remarkable young leader, Aidan Dywer, about the incredible research the 13-year-old New Yorker is conducting in the field of solar energy.

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The American Entrepreneur featuring Doug Heuck

Originally Aired on April 2, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, continues his recent conversation with Doug Heuck, Publisher of Pittsburgh Quarterly Magazine, about the Magazine’s groundbreaking “Pittsburgh: Today and Tomorrow” report. They discuss the metrics that cut through the rhetoric to tell the TRUE story of how Pittsburgh is doing, both in comparison to similar American cities and in comparison to its industrial past.

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Solving Americas Business Problems, One Caller at a Time: Sundays on American Entrepreneur Radio

Originally Aired on April 1, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, hosts an “open talk” Sunday edition of American Entrepreneur, as he takes listener calls about all things business, and work with individuals to solve the problems that keep them up at night.  Among the scenarios in play on today's episode are a local "superhero" who is looking to market himself more effectively, and a roofing specialist who is debating whether or not to diversify his service offerings.

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The American Entrepreneur featuring Jean Novak, Mike Fox, Austin Craig

Originally Aired on March 31, 2012

Finding Their Way Into Walmart, Thanks to YouTube: The Story of Orabrush Robert Wagstaff had tried “traditional” marketing approaches for ten years to get consumer traction for his invention, Orabrush, with little success. Then his team decided to go viral, producing an amusing video that described the root cause of bad breath. The video, and others like it became smash hits, and the buzz that came about as a result created such a demand that no less than retail giant Walmart had no choice but to stock their shelves with Orabrush products. Austin Craig, the “star” of, and brains behind, the popular spots, joins Ron to tell the story. Plus, Ron examines the employment law considerations that come with a growing business, as he talks with Jean Novak of Strassburger, McKenna, Gutnick and Gefsky about why you face a whole new set of legal challenges when you hire employee number two, employee number five, employee number ten, and beyond!