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Ron Interviews his Radio Idol, Plus How Government Can HELP Business

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,102 originally aired on October 25, 2010

He is one of the “fathers” of modern Talk Radio. Bruce Williams helped two generations of callers with financial and business advice. But, there’s more to Bruce Williams than the talk show. He’ll talk to Ron about his other careers and why he left broadcasting.

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A Hair-Raising Experience: Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria Discusses his Story

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,072 originally aired on October 18, 2010

In 1980, he was a struggling Navy veteran who bounced around from job to job, all the while sleeping out of his car. Then, with a $700 loan in his pocket, he and his partner started a hair care company. That company was Paul Mitchell Hair Products, and that man is John Paul DeJoria. He talks with “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris about his rags-to-riches story, as the man behind not only Paul Mitchell, but Patron Spirits and many other ventures,  as well as his philosophies on business, leadership and philanthropy.  Plus, Ken and Steve Shriber of Ditto Document Solutions discuss the latest trends in digital printing and litigation support services, the recent changes to their Downtown Pittsburgh facility, as well as the opening of their newest facility in Cranberry and what this means for their business. Also, Rich Overmoyer will be talking to Ron about his new company, the Fourth Economy, a spin-off organization from GSP Consulting, what it’s like to start a business in the current business climate and where he sees the economic development opportunities in the Western Pennsylvania facility.

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On the Right Foot: Ron Talks With John Stollenwerk, Longtime CEO of Allen Edmonds

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,068 originally aired on October 14, 2010

His company has set the industry standard for high-end footwear, and along the way, stayed true to American manufacturing while others in his arena have taken their manufacturing capabilities overseas. John Stollenwerk, the longtime President and CEO of Allen Edmonds, talks with “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris about his story, and his philosophies when it comes to manufacturing processes and “building American”. And Ron’s favorite “Talk Buddy”, Jerry Bowyer, checks in to offer his take on the economy, and the value of a traditional college education in 21st century America. Jerry will be joined by Salman Khan of the Khan Institute, who will discuss his radical education concept - free online education for all.

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No “Junk” Here: Ron Morris Talks With A Pair of Successful Young Entrepreneurs

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,080 originally aired on September 27, 2010

How did a company that started out as “just another moving service” evolve into one of the most successful companies of ANY industry in the country?  Would you believe Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman, the co-founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk, if they told you they did it “effortlessly”?  Maybe you would, or maybe you wouldn’t, but either way, you’ll want to hear them tell their story, including the philosophies espoused in their new book, “Effortless Entrepreneur” to “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris.  Plus, Ron reconnects with our friends from the Penn State Center, Deno DeCiantis and Dan Leri, who will continue their discussion about all that the Penn State Center has to offer, including Penn State’s Innovation Park and Research Commercialization facilities, which Dan oversees.

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American Entrepreneur Radio Welcomes Airline Innovator Robert Crandall

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,075 originally aired on September 20, 2010

Frequent flier miles.  The hub-and-spoke system.  Code-sharing between domestic and international airlines.  All have revolutionized the way that airlines operate, and are still in place in this day.  And all are the brainchild of Robert Crandall, the longtime President and CEO of American Airlines.  Robert will join “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris to tell his story, and how he came up with so many airline industry policy institutions.

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“The American Entrepreneur” and “The Queen of Beer”

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,073 originally aired on September 17, 2010

We’ve all seen the commercials for the beer that calls itself “The King of Beers”, but only American Entrepreneur Radio has got “The Queen of Beers”.  Rhonda Kallman, the co-founder of The Boston Beer Company (the makers of Samuel Adams) and one of the pioneering female executives in the beer industry, joins “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris to tell her story, and to discuss her current venture in the beermaking industry, New Century Brewing. Plus, former Colorado Congressman Bob Beauprez joins Ron to discuss his remarkable story, including his rise to prominence, the circumstances that led to the end of his term, and what he’s up to nowadays.  And Rob Pfaffmann, a Western Pennsylvania architect and the force behind the Reuse the Igloo project, an effort to save Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena from the wrecking ball, talks about the recent unanimous vote by Pittsburgh Sports and Exhibition Authority to tear down the Arena, and how, despite this, the group will continue it’s fight, and what it plans to do next.

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What is Crowdsourcing? Ron Talks With One of the Premier Crowdsourcers in the Country

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,041 originally aired on September 2, 2010

Crowdsourcing.  It’s one of the hottest trends in business at the moment, as the internet has most definitely leveled the playing field, enabling both large and small business owners to find what they need from thousands of prospective vendors at a price that fits their budget.  “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris talks with one of the masters of the crowdsourcing game, Matt Mickiewicz of 99Designs.com, a site that enables businesses to choose from hundreds of web designers from around the world to find the perfect fit.  Plus, Ralph Minto of the Minto Law Group joins Ron to discuss the process of repatriating monies from overseas business operations.  And one of Ron’s favorite “talk buddies”, Jerry Bowyer, stops by to discuss the economy as well as what he sees for the future of college education.

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Ron Talks With the “Perfect” Entrepreneur, Plus Franchise Funding Options for Entrepreneurs

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,039 originally aired on August 27, 2010

“The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris talks with the Perfect Entrepreneur.  Well, not exactly, but he DOES talk with Alden Mills of Perfect Fitness.  A Navy SEAL with Western Pennsylvania ties, Alden went out in search of the most effective workout equipment possible, and as a result, developed the ubiquitous Perfect Pushup device.  Plus, Dan Shifrin of FranEquity joins Ron to discuss the opportunities that are available for funding for franchisees that need a little help in order to obtain the franchise of their dreams.  Also, Jim Holtzman of Legend Financial Advisors talks to Ron about the latest trends in the investment sector, and where savvy investors SHOULD be keeping their money.

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A Conversation With Publishing Magnate Steve Forbes, Plus “Young American Entrepreneurs”

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,047 originally aired on August 6, 2010

He’s one of the most prominent media executives in America, and he’s stopping by American Entrepreneur Radio to offer his take on what’s going on in today’s economy.  Steve Forbes talks to “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris about what he thinks needs to be done to get the economy back on its feet, and what the economic uncertainty does to publishers like him.  Plus, Ron gives way to the “Young American Entrepreneurs” as guest co-hosts Brandon Wasson (15 years old) and Ben Wasson (13) spotlight young achievers in business and society.  Among their guests will be Jason O’Neill, the young man behind the wildly successful “Pencil Bugs” pencil toppers that are all the rage among school-aged children.

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Ron Talks With Financial Software Guru Aaron Patzer

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,022 originally aired on July 29, 2010

His software helped individuals and families throughout the world better manage and invest their money, and he made a mint in the process.  Aaron Patzer, the founder of Mint.com, joins Ron to discuss his story.  He’ll talk about the development and growth of Mint.com, his sale of Mint.com to Intuit (the parent company of Quickbooks), and his current role with the computer bookkeeping giant.

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Ron Looks at the Auto Industry, Search Engine Optimization, & Hot New Trends in the Kitchen Industry

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,039 originally aired on July 26, 2010

Ron returns to the hosting chair, as he welcomes three favorite guests back to the American Entrepreneur Radio airwaves to answer some of the most pertinent questions in business.  First, has the dust settled on last year’s shakeup in the auto industry, or is there more turmoil to come?  Rob Cochran of Number One Cochran Automotive joins Ron to discuss that very issue.  And what steps does your company need to take right now to boost its web visibility and search engine placement?  Bob Faletti of Blue Archer joins Ron to provide some insightful advice.  And when entrepreneurs and business leaders return home from the hustle and bustle of the business day, are they getting the most out of their kitchen?  Mark Uchida, the owner of A ReMARKable Kitchen Store joins Ron to talk about the latest trends in the kitchen design industry.

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Ron Welcomes Two Entrepreneurial Titans Onto the Program (With Jerry Bowyer in the Middle)

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,032 originally aired on July 15, 2010

Two of the most prominent business leaders in the country join “The American Entrepreneur”, Ron Morris to tell their stories. First, cable television pioneer Kay Koplovitz, the founder of the USA Network, talks to Ron about her story, including her revolutionary efforts in the area of cable sports television, and her role procuring the network’s broadcast agreements with all of the major sports leagues even before ESPN did the same.  And “Famous Amos” himself, Wally Amos, joins Ron to discuss his story.  While you’re probably familiar with his world-renowned “Famous Amos” cookies, you may NOT know about his other ventures, including his “Uncle Wally” line of muffins.  And in between these two giants of industry is an American Entrepreneur Radio frequent guest who’s no slouch in his own right, Jerry Bowyer.

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Ron Talks With the “Craig” Behind Craigslist, Plus “The International Capitalist” Returns

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,011 originally aired on July 12, 2010

He’s the Craig in Craigslist, and the man behind the disruptive force that is threatening the traditional newspaper industry as we know it.  Craig Newmark, the Founder of Craigslist, talks to “The American Entrepreneur”, Ron Morris, about his story, where he came up with the idea for Craigslist, and what he’s up to now.  Plus, “The International Capitalist”, David Iwinski, joins Ron in studio to discuss what savvy entrepreneurs should be doing to capitalize on emerging international markets, such as China and India.

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The Longtime CEO of Dunkin Donuts Talks Business With Ron Morris, Plus Lessons Learned at “DIY U”

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,009 originally aired on July 8, 2010

He transformed Dunkin Donuts from a family-run breakfast shop to the American powerhouse we know it as today.  Robert Rosenberg, the CEO of Dunkin Donuts for 35 years, talks with “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris about his story, as well as his thoughts on what makes a successful CEO and business leader, as well as his ideas on franchising.  Plus, Anya Kamenetz of Fast Company Magazine talks with Ron, as well as economist Jerry Bowyer, about her book, “DIY U”, a look at the growing trend of online education, and the diminishing trend of the “traditional” brick-and-mortar college experience.

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Willie Davis Goes One-on-One with Ron Morris About Media Ownership

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,025 originally aired on July 6, 2010

Throughout the 1960’s, he struck a towering figure on defense for Vince Lombardi’s famed Championship Green Bay Packers teams. Since then, he’s been a towering figure as one of the most prominent minority media executives in America, as owner of All-Pro Broadcasting. Willie Davis joins Ron to discuss his story, and share how the lessons he learned ON the gridiron prepared him for his life after the final whistle.  Plus, Barb Mistick of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh stops by to share her thoughts about how business is shaping up in the region, and where she sees the region headed in the future.  And Doug Moore of Seubert and Associates discusses the health care debate, and what legislative policy in Washington D.C. means for the bottom lines of business owners throughout the country.