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Honoring Those Who Have Served Our Country: The American Entrepreneur Veterans Day Special

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,372 originally aired on November 12, 2011

In honor of Veterans Day, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, puts the business talk on hold in order to salute those who have proudly served our country in a time of war.  Among the guest for this year’s Veterans Day Special will be Edward Gust, a Western Pennsylvania World War II veteran who discusses his experiences during his time in the Pacific Theater, including the Battle of Okinawa.  Plus, Karl Marlantes, a Vietnam veteran and author of the landmark Vietnam War novel “Matterhorn”, talks with Ron about his combat experiences, the 30-year process of writing “Matterhorn”, as well as his real-life “companion” book, “What It Is Like to Go to War”  And Pennsylvania State Representative Rick Saccone joins Ron to discuss his military experiences, including his time in Iraq, interrogating Iraqi insurgents for the CIA.

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How to Lawyer Up for Less

The Consultant's Corner Episode #41 originally aired on November 8, 2011

In a tight economy, it’s natural for business owners to tighten the belts when it comes to expenditures up and down the balance sheet. As part of “The Solutions 21 Show” on American Entrepreneur Radio, host Buddy Hobart of Solutions 21 talks with attorney Pete Fuscaldo of Leech Tischman about how entrepreneurs, given the circumstances of a tight economy, can still get the most bang for their buck when it comes to the legal support for the company.

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The Man Behind “Good to Great” On What Sets Great Companies and Leaders Apart

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,367 originally aired on November 3, 2011

In 2001, author Jim Collins revolutionized the thinking behind business management with his landmark book, “Good to Great”.  But not even he could have predicted the uncertainty of the economic landscape that faces business every day some ten years later.  Why do some companies thrive in this environment while others fall on their face?  Jim answers this question in his new book, “Great By Choice”, and he talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about why less is more when it comes to adapting to changes in your environment.

Occupy This!  Can A Leaderless Movement Leave a Legacy?
Like most of us, former Allegheny County Executive Jim Roddey watched the protestors in New York, Pittsburgh, and many other cities around the world, and thinking about what, exactly, were the issues at stake.  In his time as County Executive, he was one of the leaders responsible for establishing the climate against which the Occupy Pittsburgh movement is rallying.  He talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about the movement, where it came from, and his ideas as to its legacy.  Plus, he gives his thoughts on who’s going to come out victorious in the upcoming election to fill his former seat.


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Dare to Dream: An Inside Look at an Exciting New Initiative for Business

The Consultant's Corner Episode #39 originally aired on October 25, 2011

As part of the Solutions 21 Show on American Entrepreneur Radio, host Buddy Hobart of Solutions 21 talks with Fred Thieman of the Buhl Foundation about the groundbreaking “Experienced Dreamers” initiative. The public-private partnership provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance for a man or woman over the age of 45 to professionally reinvent him- or herself within Pittsburgh City Limits.

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The Consultants Corner: Featuring Jack Ouellette

The Consultant's Corner Episode #38 originally aired on October 18, 2011

The Solutions 21 Show with guest host Rob O’Donnell takes an in-depth look at strategic planning. Rob is joined by Jack Ouellette, CEO of American Textile, as they share and compare experiences.

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The Legacy of Steve Jobs: An Infinite Loop of Wisdom and Inspiration

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,348 originally aired on October 6, 2011

On Wednesday, October 5, the business and technology world suffered a substantial loss with the passing of Steve Jobs.  The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, shares his thoughts about the impact that the Apple co-founder had on the world of business.  Plus, Regis McKenna, long-time friend and colleague of Steve Jobs, and Michael S. Malone,  the author of Infinite Loop: How Apple, the World’s Most Insanely Great Computer Company, Went Insane, join Ron to talk about the early days of the tech giant and the legacy of Steve Jobs.

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Is the American Nuclear Industry Ready For a Worst-Case Scenario?

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,342 originally aired on September 30, 2011

For decades, the nuclear industry has come under intense scrutiny, thanks to the potential for severe damage in the event of an equipment malfunction.  In the United States, industry officials have been thankful for the safety of the nuclear power industry to date. But as the world witnessed earlier this year with the Fukushima disaster in Japan, all it takes is for a natural disaster to strike, and the nuclear fallout can be overwhelming, and impactful on a global level.  John Metzger of the University of Pittsburgh joins The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, to discuss the state of the nuclear industry in the United States, and to give his insights into the biggest threats to safety in the country.

Also on the show:

Entrepreneurship on a Global Stage: Taking Stock of Emerging International Markets
As head of the global office of the TiE organization, PK Argawal has a first-hand look at the state of entrepreneurship around the world, especially in emerging economic powerhouses such as India.  He notes the trends in technology, employment and job creation, especially among demographic sectors in these markets, and provides insights into how the unemployed and underemployed throughout the world can put their skillsets to use through entrepreneurial endeavors.  PK talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris about what he sees as the biggest issues facing global entrepreneurship, and the economic turmoil that could result if the billions of jobless young people (under the age of 25) around the world can’t find a productive entrepreneurial outlet soon.


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Marking a Milestone as The American Entrepreneur Turns Three

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,331 originally aired on September 15, 2011

When The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, decided to expand his Saturday morning program to weekdays in the summer of 2008, it was a significant leap forward for what had previously been considered a “hobby” show.  When the expansion launched on September 15, 2008, one of the darkest days for the American economy in recent memory,  many at the time thought that the expansion wouldn’t last.  But hundreds of shows, thousands of guests, over a hundred thousand listeners and three years later, American Entrepreneur Radio continues to prosper.   Join Ron, as well as many of the guests who have contributed to the program’s success during that time for a look back at what the past three years have brought to the business community, and to a talk radio show geared towards serving that community.

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“The Man Who Could Have Been Bill Gates” Plus More Stories From the Birth of Personal Computing

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,326 originally aired on September 8, 2011

You’ve heard of Bill Gates, a titan in the personal computer industry whose influence on business transcends the mere PC realm.  But have you heard of Gary Kildall?  The man behind the landmark CP/M operating system and founder of Digital Research Inc. was one of the first in the computer industry to see the potential of the computer as something that was accessible to the masses.  Then came the fateful day in 1980, when negotiations between Digital Research and IBM, which sought to license the CP/M technology for its new personal computer, fell apart, and IBM sought out Microsoft the next day for the deal that would put Bill Gates on the map.  Many have since pinned the breakdown between IBM and Digital Research Inc on Gary Killdall’s mysterious actions that day, behavior that would define his career, up until his untimely passing in 1994.  To get to the bottom of what REALLY happened that day, and how the course of history for the computer industry had changed forever, The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with Paul Freiberger, author of “Fire in the Valley”, hailed by many as the definitive look at the early days of the personal computer industry.

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The Battle for the Soul of American Business: Ron Goes One-on-One With Former GM Vice Chairman

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,317 originally aired on August 26, 2011

When it comes to the American automobile industry, few, if any, can match the longevity, infamy, and bravado of Bob Lutz.  From unveiling the first Jeep Grand Cherokee by driving it through a plate glass window to dismissing Ford’s survival without a government bailout as “dumb luck,” Lutz has been hailed by many as a throwback to a brasher, bolder era, when the U.S. was king of the road when it came to the global auto industry.  It’s an attitude that Lutz wears proudly on his sleeve today, and he talks with The American Entrepreneur Ron Morris about his time as an integral part of each of the “Big Three,” his outlook for the future of the American automobile, and his theory that the American auto industry needs more Bob Lutz’s.

Marcellus Shale:

Helping the Oil and Gas Industry Find Their Way When it Comes to Marcellus Shale: Jessica Wright
As part of the “Marcellus Shale: Energizing Pennsylvania’s Future” series on American Entrepreneur Radio, Ron Morris profiles business owners who are capitalizing on the emergence of the Marcellus Shale.  Ron talks with Jessica Wright, the President of True Mapping Inc., about her company, which provides maps as well as geologic information to drillers and other Marcellus workers in order to maximize the efficiency of their efforts.

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How Financial Success Could Ruin Your Kids: Jayne Pearl

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,292 originally aired on July 14, 2011

For any business owner or entrepreneur, the climb to financial independence is a long, hard one, filled with personal and professional turmoil along the way.  And the better off you are, the longer and harder that climb most likely was.  But once you’ve made it, and you and your family are “set for life”.  But that question lingers in the back of your head:  “How do I ensure that my kids will be as hungry to succeed as I was?”  It’s a question facing many high net worth families, and it’s a question that author Jayne Pearl has tackled in her new book, “Kids, Wealth, and Consequences: Ensuring a Responsible Financial Future for the Next Generation”. Jayne talks to “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris about this phenomenon, and what these families can do right now to ensure that their kids are NOT, in fact, “set for life”.

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What Leading Wall Street Indicators Mean For Your Portfolio: Lou Stanasolovich

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,288 originally aired on July 8, 2011

Every day, we’re bombarded with headlines and stories about the tumultuous American economy, and for many of us, it’s enough to make our heads spin.  Lou Stanasolovich of Legend Financial Advisors has his finger on the pulse of the market, and he talks with “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris about the forces that are currently driving market activity, and where he thinks the places will be for you to store your money in both the short and the long terms.

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Hi-Tech Pretzels: How The Penn State Center Helped A Local Pretzel Maker Stand Out From the Crowd

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,287 originally aired on July 7, 2011

“The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris talks with Deno DeCiantis of the Penn State Center, the business support organization that brings the resources and research capabilities of Penn State University to Western Pennsylvania.  Joining Deno are George Augustine, owner of Snaffles Pretzels and Dr. Larry Grunden, PennTAP Senior Food Industry Technical Specialist.  They discuss the ways in which PennTAP assisted George with various aspects of his business, including product development guidance, business plan and label development advice.

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You’ve Got a Business Problem? Buddy Hobart’s Team of Consultants Could Have the Answer

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,282 originally aired on July 1, 2011

Picture this scenario:  You own a business that, despite your best efforts, was hammered by the recession, and you were forced to downsize your staff to cut costs. Now, you’re getting back on your feet, and you have some major initiatives in place that will move your company forward, only you lack experienced personnel to make those initiatives happen, and you lack the resources to bring in the experienced personnel on a full-time basis.  Enter Buddy Hobart.  During his time as President of Solutions 21, Buddy has noticed a dramatic rise in an experienced, talented labor pool that was forced into unemployment by the recession.  With his new venture, Ex3 Matters, Buddy is working with these people to train them to become independent consultants who provide value to companies in need of experienced personnel in critical positions, but that lack the capital to bring these people on full-time.  Buddy joins “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris to discuss the Ex3 Matters venture, and the invaluable role that an independent consultant can play in a growing company.

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What’s Keeping Europe Together? Jerry Bowyer Says Some Big Cracks Are Forming in the Eurozone

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,281 originally aired on June 30, 2011

With many European nations suffering through massive individual economic crises centered around the crumbling Euro, economist Jerry Bowyer asks one fundamental question:  What’s keeping Europe together?  The political and socioeconomic forces that brought Europe together are no longer in play,  The prevalent group dynamic trends point to a society that works better in small groups, rather than as a conglomerate entity.  The militaries keeping European nations safe from each other and outside forces have, for the most part, disarmed.  Jerry talks with “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris about the current state of European society, and just how long he thinks it will be before Europe falls apart for good.