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Ron's Radio Debut, March 1999 - A Recording From The "Lost Archives"

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,425 originally aired on June 30, 2012

In March of 1999, Chris Posti (Posti & Associates), a former host on 1360AM radio and a friend of Ron's, interviewed him on the topic of being an entrepreneur. Immediately afterwards, Ron remarked to me "I want to do that. I'd like my own show." Three months later, he had his own show on 1360AM.

The American Entrepreneur radio show remained on the air for 13 years and eventually became a 7-day-a-week show, crossing over simultaneously to FM radio in its last year - virtually unheard of in the local radio industry.

I had been looking for a recording of the original show for years, but with no success. Then, while cleaning out some boxes in our garage this past Fall, I came across a single cassette tape, sans a case, simply labeled "Ron's Radio Debut." And ... there it was ---- the Rosetta Stone!

Many thanks to Chris Posti for interviewing Ron some 16 years ago this month and for agreeing to share this 27-minute recording of her show (and a nod also goes out to "Ace" ... Ron's very first-ever caller). As a result of this one interview, Ron launched a program that would become a "port in the storm" (credit to Paul Crawley of The Net Return) for many entrepreneurs.

Enjoy the show,
Karen, Jaxon & Lexi

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Holding Court: David Iwinski and Two Guest Consultants Tackle Your Biggest Issues

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,520 originally aired on June 17, 2012

The International Capitalist, David Iwinski, hosts the Sunday edition of American Entrepreneur Radio, as he welcomes to guest co-hosts, and longtime business professionals in Western Pennsylvania who boast extensive experience in international and domestic commerce: K.B. Anand and Mikhaela Miolo.  They discuss some of the challenges and opportunities, from bot a personal and professional standpoint, of conducting business in international markets.  Plus, they talk with American Entrepreneur Radio callers, including one hopeful who wants to establish political clout in order to further a non-profit mission.

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'Best Of' The American Entrepreneur Steve Ozniak, Regis McKenna and Michael Malone

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,519 originally aired on June 16, 2012

“The American Entrepreneur” meets “The Woz”, as Ron Morris and Steve Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple Computers, discuss a number of topics, from the early days of Apple Computer to the key players that were involved from Day one to Steve’s interaction with co-founder Steve Jobs, to “Segway Polo.”

Finally, The Legacy of Steve Jobs: An Infinite Loop of Wisdom and Inspiration On Wednesday, October 5, the business and technology world suffered a substantial loss with the passing of Steve Jobs.

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Getting Pennsylvania Ready For Marcellus: Kai Schafft Discusses HIs Mission

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,518 originally aired on June 15, 2012

As part of our ongoing series devoted to the Marcellus Shale's economic impact in the State of Pennsylvania, host Mark Laskow talks with Kai Schafft, an Associate Professor of Education at Penn State University in the Department of Education Policy Studies, about his efforts to provide insights to the rural outreaches of the State's educational system as to the impact that Marcellus will have.   Kai discusses his efforts to implement Marcellus-based educational curricula into Pennsylvania schools, to educate students about the shale, and to prepare them for the future careers in the oil and gas industry that will be waiting for them upon graduation.  Plus, Matt Pitzarella of Range Resources checks in to reflect on the passing of Ron Morris, and share his thoughts about Ron's tireless advocacy of Marcellus as an impactful economic driver for the State.

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Easy Being Green: Inside the Business of LEED Certification and Commercial Construction

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,517 originally aired on June 14, 2012

Mike Kauffelt of Bill Few Associates examines the process behind LEED Certification, and the burgeoning trend in the commercial construction industry for builders to implement “green” technology in order to foster increased energy efficiency.Plus, Mike talks with Stephen D’Angelo, the President and CEO of dck worldwide, a Pittsburgh-based construction firm, about the challenges dck faces in an industry that relies significantly on the economic health of its clients.

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'Best Of' The American Entrepreneur Featuring Mark Murphy, Chris Posti and Robert Litan

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,516 originally aired on June 11, 2012

Robert Litan joins The American Entrepreneur, to discuss his findings on the hiring and employee retention rates among startups, and whether or not this trend will continue as we enter the second dip of the recession. Plus, The American Entrepreneur talks with one of the foremost leadership consultants in the country, Mark Murphy, about his new book, “Hiring For Attitude”, an in-depth look at the things you should be doing to ensure that the attitudes of your prospective hires match the goals of your company. Finally, The decision and the process of terminating an employee who just isn’t working out for your company is one of the toughest experiences an entrepreneur will have when running a business. Even if it seems like termination is a no-brainer in a particular case, there are still layers of pain, guilt, complexity, and empathy that the business owner needs to suffer through in order to improve the company in the long run. The American Entrepreneur, along with Chris Posti of Posti and Associates, a human resources consultant who provides outplacement services and executive coaching, talk about the process of terminating an employee, why it IS so difficult, and some tactics that you can use to ease the pain.

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Ron Morris: A Tribute From Those Who Knew And Loved Him

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,515 originally aired on June 9, 2012

Ron Morris touched many peoples lives. His friendship, guidence and leadership inspired so many to reach for their dreams. It's only fitting on the show that started it all, so many want to thank him.

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What Are the Costs of Doing Business in the Marcellus Shale?

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,514 originally aired on June 8, 2012

For this week's edition of "Marcellus: The Economic Miracle", Mark Laskow examines the cost structure of the Marcellus Shale, and dissects the various fines and impact fees that are imparted on those that capitalize on the vast Marcellus resources found in the State.  Who pays the fees?  Where does the revenue get distributed?  How is the collection process enforced? Mark talks with John Hanger, the former Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, as well as Patrick Henderson, the inaugural Energy Executive for the State of Pennsylvania, about the costs involved with Marcellus, and how the industry has responded to these costs. Plus, Mark talks to Joe Pappalardo, Senior News Editor of Popular Mechanics, and gets the details on how entrepreneurs are conquering the final frontier.

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The American Entrepreneur Celebrates The Life And Legacy Of Ron Morris

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,513 originally aired on June 7, 2012

American Entrepreneur Radio pays tribute to its founder, featured host, and mentor, Ron Morris, as guest host Mike Kauffelt of Bill Few Associates, along with American Entrepreneur Radio team members Brian McMahon, Andrew Rossi, Daryl Grandy, David Stugart, and Rodney Walton share stories and memories of Ron, and reflect on what Ron meant to them as individuals, and to the business community as a whole.  Plus, American Entrepreneur Radio callers join in to share their thoughts on Ron, and the entrepreneurial spirit that defined Ron's life and career.

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'Best Of' The American Entrepreneur Sales Edition With Larry Gitomer, David Rosen and Jacques Werth

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,512 originally aired on June 4, 2012

Jefferey Gitomer, one of the foremost sales experts in America, returns to American Entrepreneur Radio to discuss his book, Social Boom. Plus, David Rosen joins “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris to discuss just how he earned that reputation, the most common mistakes that cold-callers make when “smiling and dialing”, and how to turn the most awkward situation into your newest customer. And Ron checks in with Jacques Werth, the master of high-probability selling, who breaks down the things you must know about your prospects to ensure that you’ll have the best possible chance when it comes time to close.

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The Science of Retail: Why Do We Buy What We Buy?

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,511 originally aired on June 3, 2012

American Entrepreneur Radio revisits some of the most popular interviews that Ron has conducted with leading business experts in recent months.  Among those with whom Ron speaks are consumer behavior guru Paco Underhill of Envirosell, Gary Shapiro, the CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, MSNBC's "Your Business" host J.J. Ramberg, and former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. 

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How Does Marcellus Impact Education in Pennsylvania?

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,509 originally aired on June 1, 2012

The Marcellus Shale has emerged as one of the most significant economic developments in the recent history of Pennsylvania, and one that will have some staying power. But how is Marcellus taught in our schools? As part of our ongoing series, "Marcellus: the Economic Miracle", Bill Lucas, the Chief Development Officer for the Western Pennsylvania chapter of Junior Achievement, joins Guest Host Mark Laskow to discuss the programs that are in place for students who want to learn about Marcellus, and who want to prepare for possible employment in the Marcellus industry after graduation. Plus, Mark talks with Jay Sukits about the current job market and how to prepare yourself for possible employment opportunities. And Rich DiClaudio, of Blue Tip Energy, joins the program to update listeners on oil and gas commodities.

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Mike and Ed Discuss Some Of The Leading Trends Defining Market Activity

The American Entrepreneur Episode #1,508 originally aired on May 31, 2012

Mike and Ed will talk with their colleague at Bill Few Associates, Tom Beilstein, about some of the leading trends that are defining market activity as it stands right now and some of the current trends that investors should be mindful of. Plus, we continue our Energy series, as they talk with Frank Andorka, the Executive Editor of Solar Power World Magazine, about the everyday uses and markets for solar power (i.e "Who Buys this stuff? Who sells this stuff? Who uses this stuff?)