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How the Predictive Index Can Help Your Company Eliminate Hiring Mistakes

Originally aired on December 19, 2011

While the processes behind sales, marketing, and production are essential to the success of any organization, such success wouldn’t be possible without quality people to execute these processes. But how do you know that the person you plan to hire is right for the role you’re hiring for. Many of the leading businesses in America rely on the Predictive Index as a guide to determine not only the personality traits of the applicant, but the personality traits for the position in play. In Western Pennsylvania, the road to reducing hiring mistakes goes through Predictive Synergistic Systems, and The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with MaryAnn Fatheddin of Predictive Synergistic Systems about the methodology of the Predictive Index, and how they work with clients, including Bill Gillespie of Pittsburgh Valve and Fitting, who will be joining MaryAnn in studio, to optimize the efficiency of the hiring process.