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The American Entrepreneur is joined by Jerry Bowyer

Originally aired on April 12, 2012

Ron welcomes his “talk buddy”, Jerry Bowyer, onto the show to discuss his thoughts on the economy, and why Rick Santorum’s biggest enemy during his Presidential campaign wasn’t Mitt Romney, but it was the truth that undermined many of the statements made along the campaign trail.

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Gauging the Health of the American Economy Through Its Interest Rates

Originally aired on January 5, 2012

The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, talks with his “talk buddy”, economist Jerry Bowyer, about the role that interest rates play in determining the fate of the American economy, and how global forces impact the fluctuation in interest rates.

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The American Entrepreneur 3-Year Anniversary: Ron talks with Jerry Bowyer

Originally aired on September 15, 2011

On the 3-year anniversary of the American Entrepreneur weekday show, Ron is joined by several of his favorite guests and closest friends who have made an impact on the show. For this segment, Ron is joined by Jerry Bowyer. Together they talk about business radio and the challenges within.

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Which Nation Will Become the Next Global Economic Superpower?

Originally aired on September 8, 2011

As the U.S. economy is facing an unprecedented level of scrutiny, and once-solid economies in other parts of the world are on the verge of collapse, economists the world over are on the search for emerging countries that have positioned themselves to seize the opportunities presented by global economic turmoil. One such economist, Jerry Bowyer, talks with The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, about his thoughts on the next big market to emerge in the global economy, and its impact on business and commerce in the U.S.

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From History to Economics: A Conversation with Jerry Bowyer

Originally aired on July 14, 2011

Among the topics economist Jerry Bowyer will discuss when he joins “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris will be the economic policies of President Obama, and how history has shaped the framework of the current economic climate throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and the country as a whole.

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Are We in Danger of an Imperial Presidency? With Jerry Bowyer

Originally aired on July 7, 2011

“The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris talks with economist Jerry Bowyer about the presidential style of Barack Obama, and how his leadership is akin to that of a king or other form of royalty.  Jerry also speculates on how this status has shaped, and will continue to shape, the direction of the economy as a whole.

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What’s Keeping Europe Together? With Jerry Bowyer

Originally aired on June 30, 2011

With many European nations suffering through massive individual economic crises centered around the crumbling Euro, economist Jerry Bowyer asks one fundamental question: What’s keeping Europe together? The political and socioeconomic forces that brought Europe together are no longer in play, The prevalent group dynamic trends point to a society that works better in small groups, rather than as a conglomerate entity. The militaries keeping European nations safe from each other and outside forces have, for the most part, disarmed. Jerry talks with “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris about the current state of European society, and just how long he thinks it will be before Europe falls apart for good.

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“The Great Depression” and the Nature of Wealth in the United States: Jerry Bowyer

Originally aired on May 12, 2011

“The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris talks with economist and “talk buddy” Jerry Bowyer about the nature of wealth in the United States, including where it came from, who has it, how it was attained, and who will possess it going forward.  Ron and Jerry also discuss the role that the Great Depression played in the act of wealth creation in the United States.

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Jim Roddey and Jerry Bowyer Sound Off On the Future of Education

Originally aired on March 10, 2011

In the wake of the massive cuts in education spending proposed by Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett in his recent budget, “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris, talks with his “talk buddies”, economist Jerry Bowyer and Former Allegheny County Executive Jim Roddey, about the options that will be in place for those looking for an optimal education going forward, be it through public, private, or cyber-schooling.

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Free Education. (No, Really.) Ron and Jerry Bowyer Talk With Pioneeering Educator Sal Khan

Originally aired on October 14, 2010

“The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris talks with Salman Khan, the California entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the way that “traditional” education is conducted, as he offers “free education for all” via a series of over 2,000 (and counting) self-made YouTube videos, each representing a different educational lesson. Plus, economist and “talk buddy” Jerry Bowyer, himself a proponent of myriad educational choice, joins the conversation.

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“The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris Talks With Jerry Bowyer

Originally aired on September 2, 2010

“The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris and his “talk buddy”, Jerry Bowyer, discuss a number of issues, ranging from the economy to Barack Obama’s performance in the White House to what lies ahead for the future of “traditional” collegiate education.

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Ron Talks With Broadcast Industry Veteran John Poister About Broadcast Rights

Originally aired on July 15, 2010

On the heels of “The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris’s interview with USA Network founder Kay Koplovitz, Ron, along with his “Talk Buddy”, Jerry Bowyer, talks with John Poister, a longtime television news executive in the Pittsburgh market, about what goes into the procurement of broadcast rights for a major professional sports league.

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Jerry Bowyer talks Obama, BP, and Who’s Responsible For the Mess We’re In

Originally aired on June 17, 2010

“The American Entrepreneur” Ron Morris talks with his “talk buddy”, economist Jerry Bowyer, about the Obama Administration’s handling of the BP oil spill, and how much of the current economic trouble facing American can truly be traced to the Bush Administration, as many claim.