Guest Name Information Last Appearance
Ken Baer Proprietor, Rogers Community Auction and Flea Market September 27, 2010
Sara Baer-Sinnott President, Oldways May 5, 2012
David Bahnsen Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley April 26, 2012
Rod Bartell Executive Director, Bartell & Bartell June 20, 2012
Bob Beauprez Former Colorado Congressman September 17, 2010
C. Britt Beemer Chairman, CEO & Founder, America's Research Group November 29, 2010
Denise Beeson Small Business Consultant and Loan Advisor, BaySierra Financial, Inc. December 15, 2010
Anne Beiler Founder, Auntie Anne's Pretzles
Tom Beilstein CFABill Few Associates May 31, 2012
Joe Belechak President, Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board May 8, 2012
Remo Belli Founder, Remo January 2, 2012
Nate Bennett Professor/Author, Georgia Tech January 10, 2012
Bob Bennett Former U.S. Senator, Former Head of Franklin Covey February 27, 2012
Inon Beracha CEO, PrimeSense January 20, 2012
Arthur Berman Director, Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc. April 13, 2012
Robert Bidinotto Author May 3, 2012
Dean Biersch Co-Founder Gordon Biersch, Gordon Biersch Restaurant/Brewery
Andy Birol Consultant, Birol Growth Consulting April 17, 2012
Robert Bischoff PrincipalPropel Schools June 16, 2011
Ryan Blair CEO, ViSalus August 11, 2011
Steve Blank Serial Entrepreneur, Professor of Entrepreneurship December 12, 2011
Angelika Blendstrup Communication Coach, i-4D December 8, 2010
Peter Block Author, Flawless Consulting June 19, 2012
David Blumenthal President and CEO, Lion Brand Yarn
Neil Blumenthal CEO, Warby Parker
Tom Booth Booth Consulting April 9, 2012
Gerry Borreggine President, Therapedic International April 3, 2012
Leo Bottary Vice President - Public Affairs, Vistage February 22, 2012
Jerry Bowyer Chief Economist, Benchwork Financial Network April 12, 2012
Michael Boyd Co-founder, Boyd Aviation Group August 4, 2011
Chris Boyer Director of Digital Communications and Marketing, Inova Health System March 15, 2012
Bob Boyle General ManagerJ.A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning, Co. April 5, 2012
James Bradley Author, Flags of Our Fathers
Mark Bragg International Business Expert, United States Investment Company February 1, 2011
Rick Brandenburg Professor, North Carolina State University April 9, 2012
Dr. William Brashers Director of Development Services, Bartell and Bartell
Peter Bregman CEO, Bregman Partners, Inc. May 22, 2012
Andrew Breitbart Commentator, The Washington Times
Malcolm Bricklin CEO & Founder, Visionary Vehicles, Visionary Vehicles
Dan Bricklin President, Sound Garden
Deonte Bridges Valedictorian, Booker T. Washington High School August 6, 2010
Arthur Brooks President, American Enterprise Institute August 29, 2011
Nathan Brookwood Research Fellow, Insight 64 August 25, 2011
Matt Brouillette President and CEO, Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy December 23, 2011
Travis Brown President, Let Voters Decide May 3, 2012
Mark Brown VP, Sales & Marketing, Towermetrix March 21, 2012
Jim Brown Founder and President, Tech-Clarity April 9, 2012
Mike Brozzetti President, Boundless LLC June 20, 2012
David Buckiso Managing Executive, FNB Wealth Management December 6, 2011
Mercer Bullard Professor, University of Mississippi March 15, 2012