Guest Name Information Last Appearance
Benji Rogers Founder/CEO, PledgeMusic April 9, 2012
Jay Rogers President/CEO/Co-Founder, Local Motors
Dan Rooney Owner, Pittsburgh Steelers
Fabio Rosati President & CEOElance Inc.
Joe Rose President, FBS Inc. June 12, 2012
David Rosen Sales Representative, Grove Street Wine Brokers June 4, 2012
Robert Rosenberg Longtime President & CEO, Dunkin Donuts June 18, 2012
Joe Rossi Founder, CEO, Joe's Wildside Adventures June 12, 2012
Carol Roth Business Strategist / Author January 10, 2012
Jim Rudolph Vice Chairman of the Board, Rita's Italian Ice June 18, 2012
John Rusbosin President, Rusbosin Furniture and Flooring April 24, 2012
Alan Russell Founding Director, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine March 23, 2012
Thaddeus Russell Author November 22, 2010
Matt Ryan Assistant Professor of Economics, Palumbo Donahue School of Business September 2, 2011
Richard Ryan CEO, Voyager Jet Center September 23, 2011
Phil Sabo CPAWilke & Associates, LLP October 8, 2010
Felix Salmon Blogging Editor, Reuters February 6, 2010
Joe Saltmar Vice PresidentClimatech March 19, 2012
Harish Saluja International Filmmaker, Silk Screen Asian Arts April 17, 2012
Saras Sarasvathy Professor, Darden School - University of Virginia
Gary Saulson Executive Vice President and Director Corporate Real Estate, The PNC Financial Services Group June 14, 2012
Kai Schafft Associate Professor of Education, Penn State University June 15, 2012
Mike Schiller CEO, The Green Buuilding Alliance June 14, 2012
Phyllis Schlafly Founder, Eagle Forum / Conservative Pundit
Kenith Schmidt Principal, Bridge Connections January 17, 2012
John Schombert Executive Director, 3 Rivers Wet Weather March 29, 2012
Christopher Schroeder Founder, HealthCentral January 22, 2011
Wil Schroter Founder & CEO, Go Big Network & GotCast January 22, 2011
Martin Schwerdtfeger Senior Economist, TD Bank Financial June 15, 2012
Tim Scudder President, Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc. March 14, 2012
Alan Seadler Director, Center for Biotechnology, Duquesne University January 26, 2012
John Sebastian Senior Vice Presidentdck worldwide, LLC April 9, 2012
Robert Shapiro Co-Founder, LegalZoom March 30, 2011
Gary Shapiro President, Consumer Electronics Association February 17, 2012
Stephanie Sheaffer Marketing, Sherpa Software March 8, 2012
Emily Shearer Manager, Training and Interpreting ServicesEcho International May 22, 2012
Andy Sheldon President/CEO, Medicago Inc. January 24, 2012
Hong Sheng Professor, Missouri U. Science and Technology March 29, 2012
Kevin Shivers Pennsylvania State Director, National Federation of Independent Business March 15, 2012
Amity Shlaes Author
L. Zane Shuck Retired professional engineer April 27, 2012
Sarjoun Skaff Founder, iLoveRobots February 18, 2012
Dr. Marvin Slepian Co-Founder, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, SynCardia Systems, Inc. August 25, 2011
Rick Smead Director, Navigant Energy Consulting April 6, 2012
Sheryl Winston Smith Professor, Temple University May 7, 2012
Diana McLain Smith Author, Elephant In the Room May 8, 2012
Kevin Smith OwnerElite Runners and Walkers May 12, 2012
Tom Smith Candidate, United States Senate January 23, 2012
Edward Snyder Senior Vice PresidentBill Few Associates June 14, 2012
Daniel Soeder Geologist, U.S. Department of Energy (National Energy Technology Laboratory) April 27, 2012