Guest Name Information Last Appearance
Chris Boyer Director of Digital Communications and Marketing, Inova Health System March 15, 2012
Bob Boyle General ManagerJ.A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning, Co. April 5, 2012
James Bradley Author, Flags of Our Fathers
Mark Bragg International Business Expert, United States Investment Company February 1, 2011
Rick Brandenburg Professor, North Carolina State University April 9, 2012
Dr. William Brashers Director of Development Services, Bartell and Bartell
Peter Bregman CEO, Bregman Partners, Inc. May 22, 2012
Andrew Breitbart Commentator, The Washington Times
Dan Bricklin President, Sound Garden
Malcolm Bricklin CEO & Founder, Visionary Vehicles, Visionary Vehicles
Deonte Bridges Valedictorian, Booker T. Washington High School August 6, 2010
Arthur Brooks President, American Enterprise Institute August 29, 2011
Nathan Brookwood Research Fellow, Insight 64 August 25, 2011
Matt Brouillette President and CEO, Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy December 23, 2011
Mark Brown VP, Sales & Marketing, Towermetrix March 21, 2012
Travis Brown President, Let Voters Decide May 3, 2012
Jim Brown Founder and President, Tech-Clarity April 9, 2012
Mike Brozzetti President, Boundless LLC June 20, 2012
David Buckiso Managing Executive, FNB Wealth Management December 6, 2011
Mercer Bullard Professor, University of Mississippi March 15, 2012
Phil Burgess President, Annapolis Institute April 19, 2012
Nolan Bushnell Founder, Atari, Chuck E' Cheese June 15, 2010
Herman Cain Former Presidential Candidate February 17, 2012
John Cameron President, The Safe Cig April 24, 2012
Bill Campbell Chairman of the Board, Intuit May 12, 2012
Jamie Campolongo CEOPittsburgh Transportation Group
Linda Capcara Principal/Founder, Global Connect Communications LLC June 19, 2012
Babs Carryer Adjunct Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University June 1, 2012
Dr. Ben Carson Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University
Leonard Casson Associate Professor, Civil EngineeringUniversity of Pittsburgh - Swanson School of Engineering May 3, 2012
Jim Cawley Lieutenant Governor August 22, 2011
John Challenger CEO, Challenger, Gray, Christmas September 12, 2011
Jack Chambless Professor of Economics, Valencia College February 27, 2012
Ram Charan Business Consultant September 6, 2010
Ray Charley President, Shop-N-Save January 10, 2012
Don Charlton Founder & CEOThe Resumator -- Hire With Confidenceā„¢
Jeff Clavier Managing Partner, SoftTech VC May 5, 2012
Will Clower Doctor April 16, 2012
Rob Cochran President & CEO#1 Cochran July 26, 2010
Mike Coffee Chief Business Officer, Medicinova June 6, 2012
Matt Coffey Chief Operating Officer, Oncolytics Biotechnology May 2, 2012
Jim Collins Author, Good to Great November 3, 2011
Eric Cook "Eric the Car Guy" March 5, 2012
Trevor Corson Author / Public Speaker December 8, 2010
Dan Courser PresidentPredictive Synergistic Systems
Stephen M.R. Covey Co-founder & CEO, CoveyLink World Wide November 22, 2010
Stephen Covey Author, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Jerry Cozewith President, Entrepreneuring Youth May 24, 2012
Austin Craig Spokesman, Orabrush March 31, 2012
Robert Crandall President, American Airlines September 15, 2011