Self-Checkout Lines: Do the Costs Outweigh the Savings?

Bruce discusses the growing trend of the implementation of “self checkout” lines at retail stores, debates their merit from both a consumer and retailer perspective, and wonders whether they are really worth the cost savings they are designed to initiate. Plus, he discusses the “business” of lottery tickets, the trend of kids getting re-vaccinated for diseases that had been thought to be cured, and the problems that many athletes seem to have managing money.

Don’t get lost in the fog of brand…Essentially what happens is that they tend to hire people who know nothing about your product, nothing about your service, who come in and they give it an artsy look or they design something. That’s not the brand. Brand is the experience the customer has with your product and with the service that goes around that product. That’s brand…You do need ad agencies and you need these kinds of people but don’t delude yourself into thinking that they’re going to create your brand. They’re going to create cosmetics..but that’s not the brand.

— Regis McKenna, Founder, Regis McKenna Inc.

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