Ron’s Radio Debut, March 1999 – A Recording From The “Lost Archives”

In March of 1999, Chris Posti (Posti & Associates), a former host on 1360AM radio and a friend of Ron’s, interviewed him on the topic of being an entrepreneur. Immediately afterwards, Ron remarked to me “I want to do that. I’d like my own show.” Three months later, he had his own show on 1360AM.

The American Entrepreneur radio show remained on the air for 13 years and eventually became a 7-day-a-week show, crossing over simultaneously to FM radio in its last year – virtually unheard of in the local radio industry.

I had been looking for a recording of the original show for years, but with no success. Then, while cleaning out some boxes in our garage this past Fall, I came across a single cassette tape, sans a case, simply labeled “Ron’s Radio Debut.” And … there it was —- the Rosetta Stone!

Many thanks to Chris Posti for interviewing Ron some 16 years ago this month and for agreeing to share this 27-minute recording of her show (and a nod also goes out to “Ace” … Ron’s very first-ever caller). As a result of this one interview, Ron launched a program that would become a “port in the storm” (credit to Paul Crawley of The Net Return) for many entrepreneurs.

Enjoy the show,
Karen, Jaxon & Lexi

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